The Mission StatementTo provide a safety net of critical assistance for Oklahoma music people in times of need.

The Red Dirt Relief Fund, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has provided more than $450,000 to 700+ music people in 38 Oklahoma counties since its inception in 2012. Recipients’ situations range from loss of property due to wildfire and tornado to loss of work after accidents or medical emergencies. Most notably, grants totaling more than a quarter million dollars have helped struggling music professionals during pandemic.

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This contest is growing on us! 😉Epic Beard Company is proud to present the Mile 0 Beard Contest, benefitting the Red Dirt Relief Fund. This is a one-of-a-kind contest that definitely will not disappoint.

Facial hair of all shapes and sizes are welcomed and encouraged as we show the world how awesome it is to have a beard. Each guy will strut his stuff, showcasing his beard or mustache on stage and the audience will participatein deciding the winners.

📋 Rules and Guidelines

● Each contestant may only enter one category.
● Contestants must register by 3:30pm the day of the competition.
● Registration fee is $20, proceeds benefit the Red Dirt Relif Fund.
● Each contestant will present their beard or Mustache on stage to selected music.

🎵 Music Selection - contestants can choose a song to play during their beard/mustache presentation. There will be a list of songs available at registration. If you choose not to make a selection, we will play an awesome song by a bearded musician while they present their beard/mustache.

🤩 Contestants should have fun with their presentation, get into it and really enjoy it. The more fun they have, the more fun the audience will have.
● After presenting on stage, contestants will wait off stage in the designated area.

**Contestants MUST wear mask when not on stage. We recommend one that extends below the chin to avoid unwanted lines in your beard, such as the beard tarp.
Category Descriptions:

● Mustache - No Beard here, just a natural mustache. Limited product usage allowed.

● Partial Beard - Any facial hair that is partially shaved. This could include side burns, mutton chops, goatees, and whalers (no mustache). See Full Beard description if unsure of which category to use.

● Full Beard (2 Categories) - A full beard will grow from the top of one ear to the other with no interruption created by shaving. A full beard includes a mustache that has not been separated from the beard through shaving. This category is broken into 2 lengths and will be measured from the bottom lip to the longest part of the natural beard.

● Short Beard (under 4")

● Long Beard (Over 4")

💥 Prizes:
🥇 1st Place of each category will receive a trophy, Certificate, beard care products, and prizes from sponsors.

🥈 2nd Place in each Category will receive Certificate, beard care products and prizes from our sponsors.

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