Thanks to generous sponsors and fans, we over $20,000 for Skinnerfest 2020! We employed 30 musicians and 10 production professionals over 2 days AND added more than $11,000 to our assistance fund for Oklahoma musicians in crisis!

In case you missed it, we’ll stream a free “encore” performance of the show on Giving Tuesday (December 1st) as our way of saying thank you for supporting Oklahoma music people in crisis, especially during this pandemic! 

The show features two sets recorded live at iconic Tulsa venues—Cain’s Ballroom and Mercury Lounge. The show celebrates the beloved and legendary Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame songwriter, Tom Skinner, in a tribute set featuring guests backed by Tom’s band, The Science Project. The second set is a glimpse into the creativity of Tulsa music today—a kind of homage to the band “experiment” Skinner inspired.

John Cooper, Red Dirt Relief Fund Board member and Red Dirt Ranger band member, co-hosted and performed on the set at Cain’s Ballroom. “To hear all those fantastic Skinner songs performed by his dear friends, and backed up by Tom’s own Wednesday Night Science Project band, was an absolute thrill. I can’t wait for everyone to see and hear the final product.”

According to Jake Lynn, music director for the set at Mercury Lounge and current drummer for Jason Boland and the Stragglers, “It was exhilarating getting to put that group of people together. They surpassed my expectations. That’s why I like doing things like this—it’s a glimmer of hope. It is possible for people of completely different backgrounds to come together on a whim and make those type of sounds. It left us all charged.”

A round of applause for our partners!

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Photographs taken during 2020 Skinnerfest recording at Mercury Lounge and Cain’s Ballroom courtesy of Sean Payne and Molly McElwain.

Photos from 2019 Tom Skinner’s Skyline Music Fest