2018 #Skinnerfest raises $6,871 for Oklahoma musicians

Despite chilly temperatures and a mist in the air, Tulsa’s 18th & Boston neighborhood was alive and rocking as 50+ musicians graced three stages during Tom Skinner’s Skyline Music Festival. A total of $6,871 was raised to provide grants to Oklahoma musicians in crisis through the Red Dirt Relief Fund.

Highlights of the day included:

  • A raucous crowd responding with “Saved” as John Fullbright ended his headlining set at The Shrine with featured friends Jacob Tovar, Wink Burcham, Jesse Aycock, Roger Ray, Stephen Lee, Paul Wilkes and Jake Lynn.
  • A packed house at Mercury Lounge for Scott Evans, Mike McClure and Paul Benjaman who all shared the stage with Tom Skinner during this lifetime.
  • A delicious Burn Co. brunch kicked off with beautiful gospel harmonies by Monica Taylor, Gabe Marshall (of The Damn Quails) and Jared Tyler.
  • Tulsa Health Department and Dr. Joanna Roulston of Tulsa Dental Center delivering free flu shots, dental and health screenings to musicians in the greenroom at Burn Co.
  • And COUNTLESS MORE! What was your favorite moment? Post it on social media with the #Skinnerfest!

For more photos, click here.

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