Relief on the River benefits RDRF

RDRF Elwoods 4

Sunday, July 13th
Elwoods on the River
1924 Riverside Drive, Tulsa
Free, all-ages event

Chad Sullins & the Last Call Coalition will headline a benefit concert alongside 14 homegrown talents including Brandon Clark, Wink Burcham, Sherman Connelly, Cody Russ, Wayne Garner, Chris Clark, Ben McKenzie, Jimmy Blythe, Bryce Dicus, Evan Michaels, Eli Howard and the Tequila Songbirds Ali Harter, Kierston White & Kaitlin Butts.

Proceeds of a silent auction as well as all donations made at Relief on the River will benefit musicians in need through the Red Dirt Relief Fund.

Musician Chad Sullins was laying in a hospital bed two months ago with a torn aorta after collapsing before a show on May 3, 2014.  Not yet 40 years old, Sullins was lucky to be alive, but facing a stack of medical bills and a long recovery with no ability to work and no insurance.

“I was a big supporter of the Red Dirt Relief Fund before,” said Sullins, “but thought I’d be the last person who would ever need it. I’m extremely grateful for the support of friends and fans through my situation, and hope we can raise some money for the next guy who needs it.”

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